We serve traditional food from the old Yugoslavia as well as some favourites dishes that are enjoyed the world over. Come in a try our food in relaxed, comfortable surroundings.  Here are some examples of what we serve.    Download:Mugi Coffee Bar Menu       

traditional serbian dish

Gibanica phyllo pastry

Gibanica is Serbian phyllo pastry dish, usually made with Serbian white cheese, less common with other cheeses. Gibanica is traditional Serbian dish. Once you taste it, you ‘ll never stop eating it. Served with green salad. £5.99

delicious mixed grill

Mixed Grill

Mixed Grill for Two (Mesano Meso) is the perfect meat fest. This feast comes with: Seljacka Kobasica (peasant sausage), Dimljena Vesalica (thinly sliced smoked pork loin), Rolovane Suve Sljive i Dzigerica (prunes stuffed with walnuts & cheese rolled in bacon and chicken liver rolled in bacon), and a Krmenadla (pork chop). Served with Fries. £10.99

serbian spinach pie

Spinach pie

Try our delicious Spinach Pie, made with fresh Serbian white cheese. The cheese combines with the spinach to create a delightfully light meal. Served with salad. £5.99

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